This list is not in any Particular order:

Name Connection with OG  Date / Year of passing away  Additional mention
Mr L. O. Edwards Teacher and later Headmaster from 1950-65 Jan 16,2013  HM OGBS from 1958-1965 and then HM and Principal at Wynberg Allen
Mrs D. Edwards Teacher (1950-1965)
Mr B R Pasricha Principal (1958-1970)
Mr D M Swing Teacher (1958-1987)
Mr M N Banerjee Teacher (1961-1985)
Mr S L Sharma Teacher
Mr N D Chimmwal Teacher (1957-1984)
Mr A L Meston Teacher (1959-1992) May 2012
Mr B N Ghosh Teacher
Mrs S B Bhaskar HM Junior School June 30, 2015
Paresh Acharya Student Aug 5, 2016
Shyla Arora Student June 23, 1985 Shyla was a flight attendant with AIR INDIA. She was on the ill fated  FLIGHT : Air India Flight 182 from Toronto to London.Boeing 747-237B “Emperor Kanishka flight”) that was destroyed by a bomb at an altitude of 31,000 feet (9,400 m).
Gautam Dhara Student (1986 batch) July 23, 2016
Pramod Kumar Student Aug 15, 2016 Ashoka House captain of 1991 batch laid down his life for the nation. Commandant of the 49th battalion of CRPF, Pramod was killed in an encounter with militants in Nowhatta, Srinagar
Mr B N Khanna Teacher History
Mr Hemant Juyal Teacher- PTI
Mr Naqvi Teacher- Chemistry
Patrick Corbett Student 2011
Anil Edwards Student 1962 Batch July 4, 2007
Capt Dilip Kumar Jha Student Feb 22, 2000 Kirti Chakra (Marnoparant) This 25 year old fell this day, fighting militants in Mendhar, J&K.
Renu Bhatnagar Student
Anil Bhatnagar Student
Anita Swing Student 1976 batch Dec 25, 2012
Furkhan Ahmed Student
Mrs  Parti  Teaher JS Dec 11,2009
Sukumar Mallick  Student April 2, 2016
Neha Singh  Student 2008 batch July 20, 2015
Shantilal Kanjilal Student 1964
Mrs.  Madhuri Upadhya  Teacher OG JS  March 22, 2014
Ms. N C David HM GS
Mr Athar Ali Khan HM BS and Teacher
Mrs. Lily Gupta HM JS
Mr O P Gomes HM BS
Anil Bhakri Student 1970 batch
Mrs Haslam HM JS
Capt. R N Gupta Student Dec 18, 1971 The last day of the 1971 war with Pak –18 Dec 1971 (Mrs L Gupta’s son)
Cadet J K Gupta Student April 18, 1972 Lost his life while training at IMA (Mrs L Gupta’s son)
S.Rajeev Kumar Student 1989 batch June 17, 2014
Capt R S Mehalawat Student 1963 Batch 1974
Brig Akhil Chaturvedi Student 1964 2007
Maj G C Verma Vir Chakra
Alok Ranjan Student Aug 28, 2004 Accident at school, while NCC firing
Mr. Jim Ross Feb 18,2014 Oldest known Oak Grovian. Wrote a book that has a section on Oak Grove and his time in India. Passed away at the age of 99.
Mrs Madhua Kalia Teacher – Music JS
Mrs.  Sarla Saxena Teacher Dance JS
Mr B S Saxena Admin Office Staff (OG)
Mr K Rishi Admin Office Staff (OG)
Mr R B Lall Admin Office Staff (OG)
Mrs Prabha Zutshi Teacher GS
Avneet Gogia Student 1975 batch Spirit of Oak Grove
Mrs Attia Abid (Ahmed) Student 1964 batch Oct 2011
Ms Bertha Caston Matron OG Hospital